Private Spa Services for Men and Women

391 Center Street, Manchester, CT 06040

  • Lymphatic drainage for pre or post-surgery

  • Pressotherapy acupressure therapy

  • Electromesotherapy

  • Thermoslim for body treatment and contouring

Spa services

Relax and let us take care of you

Butt and Leg Lifting

(Before & After 1 Treatment)

photo 3

Leg Fat Reduction and Inner Thigh Treatment

Before and After 3 Treatments


Butt and Leg Lifting (Before & After 6 Treatments)

Butt lifting before and after 2 treatments without injection or implant

IMG_2359 Butt Contouring Butt Contouring 2 Butt Contouring 3
  • Vacuum therapy for breast and body lifting

  • Mesotherapy without needle for weight loss

Cellulite & Fat Reduction

Before & After 2 Treatments

(67 years old)

Cellulite Saddle back reduction 2 treatments

Saddlebag Reduction

Before and After 2 Treatments

Leg-Fat-Reduction Sag bc5 bc6 butt-enchancement

Butt Enhancement

Before and After 4 Treatments